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Exhibition: Global Heating, 8-24 Sept. 2021

Solo exhibition “Global Heating” September 8-24, 2021
18th Gumusluk Music Festival, Bodrum
30 artworks.

Proceeds of the exhibition is donated to the victims of the wildfires in Turkey in 2021.

“With the Climate Crisis, it is not the World, but the habitable World that is disappearing. Human activities are the cause for the heating that has been threatening the existence of all living things on earth, science says. The World is not warming up by itself, it is being heated. That is why it is not global warming, but it is global heating.

Words are powerful, and then we may look one day and see all that burns and destroys, that flows and washes away, that gushes and thunders have withered away, and the spring is here in their place.”